Heli-Mag String Magnets Demonstrate Efficient Debris Management in a TrackMaster* Select Casing Exit

The inclusion of high-capacity Heli-Mag String Magnets during a 9 5/8 casing exit in Oklahoma eliminated risks associated with debris in the wellbore, drilling fluid and BOP stack.

Efficient Debris Management is Essential


- The combination of the TrackMaster Select casing exit system and Heli-Mag debris - management tools delivered a successful operation at the well site.
- The TrackMaster Select system milled the 9 5/8 inch OD HTP-110 casing window from 16,851 ft to 16,867 ft in a single-trip.
- An estimated 510 lbs of metal debris was recovered on the Heli-Mag String Magnets.

*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.