Circulation Control and Accessories

A selection of flow bypass and circulation subs are available as accessories to complete wellbore cleanout operations. Multiple sizes and configuration options can be provided.

Bypass Subs FEATURES:

Dart Activated Types

  • Three Options:
    • Standard OD
    • Ribbed
    • Sleeved
  • Sleeve is interchangeable
    with Jetting Sub

String Bypass Sub

  • Ball activation
  • Boosts annular velocity
  • Available in multiple sizes

N-Gage Swivel FEATURES:

  • Clutch mechanism for selective rotation
  • High alloy Drive Nut allows clutch engagement and disengagement repeatedly
  • Available in API and Premium thread connections

Helios Impeller Sub FEATURES:

  • Aids in debris clearance
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • API and Premium connections

Landing Sub FEATURES:

  • Used as a no-go for landing and activating other tools
  • 1-Piece, rugged construction
  • Fluted body maximizes fluid flow by capacity