Combo Efficiencies

The CHIMERA portfolio offers numerous combination efficiencies, where multiple features are combined into a single product. This enables trip saving, reduces operational cost, and improves the overall cleaning process.

The Cerberus* combination tool includes a non-rotating, full coverage scraper, brush, and magnet all in a single tool.

Hybrid Tools are also available offering selective combinations of scrapers, brushes, and magnets to maximize operational flexibility.

The Mag-Jet* combines both a magnet configuration and a radial jetting action into a single tool.

For completion deployment, the Eco-Max* provides a comprehensive solution to reduce operational risk. Comprising of a brush, scraper, and magnet, it is designed to be assembled and ran as an integral part of the completion. The metallurgy and connection type is selected to be compatible with the completion string.

Cerberus™ Combination Tool

Hybrid Tools