Debris Management

The Debris Management portfolio includes a range of magnets, filters, and catchers suited to a wide range of applications. The magnets used are “rare earth” type that provides a high carrying load and a strong resistance to demagnetization. These magnets are also suitable for high-temperature operations.

The CHIMERA NR-MAG* is a non-rotating solution that incorporates a ribbed magnet sleeve. The CHIMERA NR-MAG shares the same, modular design platform as the CHIMERA Uni-Blade Scraper and the CHIMERA Brush for fleet management efficiency.

The CHIMERA Uni-Mag* offers eight rows of magnets installed on an integral mandrel for high debris load-carrying operations.

The CHIMERA Heli-Mag* offers the highest debris load carrying capacity, with over 16 rows of magnets. A unique helical configuration results in a greater magnetic surface area.

Both the CHIMERA Uni-Mag and the CHIMERA Heli-Mag include integral centralizers as a standard feature of the tools.

The CHIMERA Heli-Mag and the CHIMERA Uni-Mag are ideal for steel cutting debris management in milling applications such as sidetracking with the TrackMaster Select System or section milling with the ProMILL and ProMILL Duo Systems.

The CHIMERA Well Praetorian* filter tool is a heavy-duty wellbore filter that is typically used in combination with brush and scraper tools. Wellbore fluid is diverted through the CHIMERA Well Praetorian filter screen, capturing well debris in the debris chamber. The CHIMERA Well Praetorian can be fitted with a wiper cup or brush to aid in the cleaning process.




Well Praetorian