Gator Perforator

Gator Perforator – Hydro-mechanical perforating system

Explosive-free, cost-effective P&A solution

The Gator Perforator, by Lee Energy Systems, is a hydro-mechanical perforation system that is an alternative to conventional perforating guns in P&A operations. The Gator Perforator functions by mechanically cutting or perforating slots in the casing, providing a 360-degree circulation flow path to the formation or annulus. The depth penetration control feature on the Gator Perforator ensures that there is no damage to the outer casing when perforating a casing inside another casing. The tool can also be configured to cut through single and dual casings allowing access to both the B and C annulus.

There are two types of Gator Perforator available:

  • The Pressure Perforating Tool (PPT)
  • The Deep Penetrator Tool (DPT)

The Gator PPT tool includes four blades and provides a scallop-shaped cut. The Gator DPT is designed for perforating dual or multiple strings of casing. For ease and simplicity of operation, the Gator Perforator can be deployed on coil tubing or drill pipe.

There are three major components of the Gator, the cutter sub, which encloses the blade cutting assembly. The piston chambers, that converts the hydraulic force into axial force for cutter deployment, and the dump sub gives a surface indication on completion of the cut.

The operation of casing perforation can be repeated as many times as required so that limitless cuts can be performed. The Gator Perforator is compatible with packers and bridge plugs, that allows multiple operations to be performed in a single trip.

Once the bridge plug is set, the Gator Perforator is activated to achieve the required footage of perforation. The circulation behind the casing can now be performed, and a cement barrier is placed to complete the P&A operation.

The Gator Perforator creates scallop-shaped cuts by shearing the casing wall. This ensures no damage to the outer casing and allows a flow path to the annulus. The Gator Perforator can be configured with Standard and Deep Penetration knives. The knife longevity offers limitless cuts and up to 200 cuts can be achieved in a single trip across a 60m (180-ft) long section.