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Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) provides high-temperature products and services for geothermal development worldwide by offering a complete range of capabilities and when necessary, forging strategic alliances with others in the service industry. From concept studies to completion of your geothermal well, Wellbore Integrity Solutions draws on more than 50 years of geothermal experience, reliable equipment, and specialized technologies to safely and efficiently tap into this clean, renewable energy source.

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Our comprehensive products and services portfolio delivers reliable and predictable performance every time.

Our technology solutions overcome many industry issues when delivering geothermal projects on time and on budget. We design and test our products to work within the severest of well conditions, such as those found within geothermal environments. We strive to ensure all our customers have the utmost confidence in the tools we place in their wells and at WIS, we take pride in delivering customer satisfaction on the most challenging projects.

Wellbore Integrity Solutions is ready for all your  GEOTHERMAL requirements.



The TrackMaster Select whipstock system has the widest array of configuration options on the market today, each tailored to specific customer requirements. Each configuration option offered is the result of continuous engineering improvements and experience gained over many years. It is an engineered solution to provide customers with a stronger, faster, and more reliable sidetracking system.


Four categories define the configuration options for the TrackMaster Select system:

  1. Geothermal
  2. Conventional Sidetracks
  3. Advanced Sidetracks
  4. Specialized Sidetracks


The CHIMERA portfolio of wellbore cleanout tools offers efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. The value of a clean wellbore is well recognized in our industry. The adoption and use of wellbore cleanout tools has demonstrated significant operational benefits along with reduced operational risks.

Casing Cleaning

The modular design platform of these tools offers component interchangeability and are easy to maintain. These tools are rugged, non-rotating solutions to ensure thorough cleaning of the casing and tubing internal diameters after drilling out a scale plug.

  • CHIMERA Uni-Blade* Scraper
  • CHIMERA* Brush

Debris Management

The Debris Management portfolio includes a range of magnets, filters, and catchers suited to a wide range of applications. The magnets used are “rare earth” type that provide a high carrying load and a strong resistance to demagnetization.

  • CHIMERA Uni-Mag*
  • CHIMERA Heli-Mag*

The CHIMERA Heli-Mag and the CHIMERA Uni-Mag are ideal for steel cutting debris management in milling applications such as sidetracking with the TrackMaster Select System or section milling with the ProMILL* and ProMILL Duo* Systems.


Inspection and Repair in the Field or the Shop

Periodic inspection, which is important for the prevention of drill string failure, is available from DRILCO at the rig site and at DRILCO service centers worldwide.

We offer API-approved inspection services for drill collars, drill pipe, Hevi-Wate™ transition drill pipe, and other premium downhole tools through a worldwide network of service centers established to ensure global coverage.

Inspection Services

  • Complete thread inspection (API-TI)
  • Visual inspection (VT)
  • Dimensional inspection (DI)
  • Magnetic particle (MT)
  • Liquid-dye penetrant (PT)
  • Ultrasonic inspection of rotary shouldered connections (UT-RSC)
  • Ultrasonic inspection of high-stress areas and tube upsets (UTEA)
  • Electromagnetic inspection (EMI)
  • Full-length ultrasonic inspection (FLUT), available at select DRILCO locations


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Together WIS and Well-Sense offers FiberLine Intervention (FLI) tools and services globally for geothermal applications. FLI is a low-risk wellbore surveying solution that rapidly delivers high-quality insights. It is often employed in surveys where other options prove unsuitable due to well accessibility, location, cost, application challenges, data requirements, temperature or speed of response.


Wellbore Integrity Solutions in partnership with Gunnar Energy Services, delivers high-end relative wellbore positioning services often required for closed-loop geothermal applications.

We provide customized fit-for-purpose magnetic ranging solutions for precise first-attempt wellbore intersections. Our team of technical experts has been at the forefront of ranging technology and application since its early stages. We have been involved in the first geothermal closed-loop construction in history and are now offering the new generation of the most robust ranging technology suitable for harsh geothermal drilling environments.


ML Technologies and WIS offer a new approach to multi-lateral drilling for geothermal operations, whether the type of well is a re-entry, new drill, or a combination of both.

The new multi-lateral technology, designed for simple interventions, has been globally field-tested and provides up to 40% cost savings for drilling. The ML Technology tools are ideal for operating in high-temperature wells for both
open-hole and cased-holed wells. The system is also particularly suited for increased high-pressure rates during fracturing operations.