The Uni-Blade* Scraper and the CHIMERA Brush* are rugged, non-rotating solutions to ensure thorough cleaning of casing and tubing internal diameters. The modular design platform of these tools offer component interchangeability and are easy to maintain.

The Uni-Blade Scraper is available in both standard and heavy-duty configurations. A one-piece scraper cage provides over 360-degree blade coverage to ensure effective cleaning. An optional integral String Mill is also available for heavier-duty cleaning requirements.

Highly Productive Tools.
Time Saving Efficiencies.

With our cleanout tools, we deliver significant operational benefits and reduce risks.

The CHIMERA Brush incorporates integral centralizers and is equipped with long-lasting, stainless steel crimped wire brushes. The brush configuration also ensures that over 360 degrees of coverage is provided.

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Uni Blade Factsheet
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Uni-BladeTM Scraper

  • Non-Rotating Design
  • 1-Piece Cage and Centralizer
  • Full Coverage
  • Durable Bearings
  • Optional Integral String Mill


  • Non-Rotating Design
  • Full Coverage
  • Durable Bearings
  • Integral Centralizers
  • Stainless Steel Brushes


Uni-Blade Scraper


Solid state scraper cage and centralizers, manufactured from a single billet without the need for springs, bolts or pads

Non-rotating design with high-performance alloy bronze bearings, compatible with high temperature and chemical applications

Stainless steel crimped wire brushes to safely scrub the casing wall to remove residual cement, scale and other debris

Centralizers provide centralization and allow rotation of the tool body without casing wear