ProCISE™ Casing Cutting and Recovery System

Efficient Casing Engagement, Cutting, And Recovery

Another highly efficient WIS plug and abandonment product is the ProCISE system. This system alleviates costs accumulated from multiple casing cutting and recovery runs. In one operation, the system severs the casing, provides efficient circulation, and engages the casing for removal.

The multi-cycle pipe cutter has three sets of blades that can perform multiple casing cuts during a single run, avoiding extra rig time in applications where multiple casing cuts may be required.

Single Trip To Cut and Retrieve Casing

Deliver cost savings especially in challenging deepwater environments.

Once the cute is successfully confirmed, the ProCISE system engages the in-line casing spear and latches onto the end of the casing segment to be removed. This procedure enables hanging the recovered casing in the rotary table, leaving the casing to be handled more safely and efficiently as it is removed from the wellbore.

In addition, the system has a hydraulic pack-off, making it possible to circulate the annulus free from any settled solids or barite sag. Other system components include a HydraStroke* bumper sub, a conventional bumper sub, and a mud motor.

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The multicycle pipe cutter offers contingency cutting capacity by enabling multiple cuts to be performed, saving valuable rig time and reducing HSE exposure to rig crew with less handling at the surface.
When the in-line casing spear is engaged, an overpull check is performed. Once a secure latch is established, the casing can be cut in tension to enable a faster cut.
  • Maximizes reliability of cutting operations with system components designed to work together
  • Saves rig time by retrieving wellhead seal assembly or wear bushing, and casing in one trip
  • Cuts faster because casing is held in tension
  • Requires a single trip for multiple cuts
  • Increases safety of surface handling by engaging the cut casing segment from the top
  • Minimizes possible drillstring failure because the drillstring is not rotated in open water


Wellhead Seal Retrieval Running Tool

High Pressure double pack-off Assembly



CutMaster X3 Pipe Cutter