Geothermal Solutions – CHIMERA Wellbore Cleanout


The CHIMERA portfolio of wellbore cleanout tools offers efficient solutions for a wide range of applications. The value of a clean wellbore is well-recognized in our industry. The adoption and use of wellbore cleanout tools have demonstrated significant operational benefits along with reduced operational risks.

Highly Productive Tools

WIS delivers significant operational benefits and reduce risks for our customers.

Casing Cleaning

The modular design platform of these tools offers component interchangeability and is easy to maintain. These tools are rugged, non-rotating solutions to ensure thorough cleaning of the casing and tubing internal diameters after drilling out a scale plug.

  • CHIMERA Uni-Blade* Scraper
  • CHIMERA* Brush
Debris Management

The Debris Management portfolio includes a range of magnets, filters, and catchers suited to a wide range of applications. The magnets used are “rare earth” types that provide a high carrying load and a strong resistance to demagnetization.

  • CHIMERA Uni-Mag*
  • CHIMERA Heli-Mag*

The CHIMERA Heli-Mag and the CHIMERA Uni-Mag are ideal for steel-cutting debris management in milling applications such as sidetracking with the TrackMaster Select System or section milling with the ProMILL* and ProMILL Duo* Systems.

To find out more about our Wellbore Cleanout product offering, be sure to visit our Red Baron Well Intervention product and services page.

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Uni-Blade Scraper


Uni-BladeTM Scraper

  • Non-Rotating Design
  • 1-Piece Cage and Centralizer
  • Full Coverage
  • Durable Bearings
  • Optional Integral String Mill


  • Non-Rotating Design
  • Full Coverage
  • Durable Bearings
  • Integral Centralizers
  • Stainless Steel Brushes

Uni-Mag and Heli-Mag

  • Uni-Mag offers eight rows of magnets
  • Heli-Mag offers over 16 rows of magnets
  • Both include integral centralizers as a standard feature of the tools



  • Bi-mill, tri-mill and quad-mill configurations
  • Customized cutting structures for all casing and formation types
  • Fabricated and integral mill designs


  • Unique multi-ramp profile offers rapid cut out and extended full gauge window
  • Integral retrieval slot for whipstock recovery when required
  • Configurations options for multi-lateral and flow by applications


  • Anti-rotation and high-axial-load slip design
  • Hydraulic and mechanical set actuation
  • High-pressure packer element option available
  • Large slip areas to reduce casing stress and provide more positive anchor set