Wellbore Integrity Solutions Joins OFS Portal Community

Move helps to quickly establish WIS in the market

In our mission to be a global leader in wellbore integrity products and services, we are pleased to announce that Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) has joined OFS Portal as a supplier member, allowing us to be better positioned in the market within a short period of time while giving us access to an already established large legal framework of agreements with our customers and their networks.

Based in Houston, Texas, OFS Portal is a member-based group of industry-leading upstream oil and gas suppliers and service providers with members that include renowned companies such as Halliburton, Schlumberger Oilfield Services, Select Energy Services, and Total Safety U.S. As a result of becoming a member, WIS is now a part of the large OFS Portal community comprised of over 395 oil and gas operators and more than 45 eCommerce networks.

Highly cost-effective premium supply chain management

Membership in OFS Portal will streamline our eCommerce platform and provide an economic advantage to scale our global footprint. Through this move, we will enjoy premium supply chain management for a fraction of the cost. OFS Portal Member companies do not pay transaction fees when utilizing its approved eCommerce Networks, giving WIS greater control over supply chain expenses resulting in long-term savings and efficiencies.

In addition, membership in OFS Portal provides WIS with the tools to streamline our digital transaction interfaces with customers on a global basis. Through OFS Portal agreements we will immediately be able to use the PIDX standard as protocol for all our customers, making customer onboarding easier and faster. We look forward to leveraging the many benefits of being an OFS Portal member as we continue to grow and expand in the days ahead.