News Release – Wellbore Integrity Solutions Introduces ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear* and ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter*: One-Trip Efficient Cut and Pull System.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, September 27, 2023 (Global Newswire)– Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) is pleased to announce today the release of two new product offerings, the ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear and ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter, which are designed to address the challenges of decommissioning aging wells to maximize efficiency, reliability, and reduce emissions.

ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear: The ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear maximizes efficiency and reduces trips in cut and pull operations. The spear is hydraulically activated and has a wide catch range. Through-rotation is enabled while the hydraulic spear is engaged in the casing; it may also be disengaged and re-engaged numerous times in the same run.

ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter: The ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter cuts both single and multiple strings of pipe. It operates hydraulically, using a ball drop mechanism and pump pressure to actuate and allows full flow through the bore of the tool to the string below.

With flow-through bore capability, other operations, such as cementing, cement plug dressing, or bridge plug setting, can be conducted concurrently.

The Pro-MAXX Pipe Cutter is equipped with proprietary TruEdge* cutting technology that has demonstrated superior cutting performance.

These advanced technologies within our Red Baron Well Abandonment and Slot Recovery systems highlight our commitment to innovation and specific solutions for the challenges facing our customers to decommission their wells while safeguarding the environment and surrounding communities.

“As the industry continues to focus on the efficiency, reliability, and reduction of emissions during the well abandonment process, the ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear and ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter provides a key cost-effective solution,” said Ed J. Boufarah, Chief Executive Officer. “The performance of these new technologies is exceptional, reduces carbon footprint, and strengthens WIS’s technology portfolio for our global customers.”

These products have been tested successfully with several customers in a variety of applications, confirming significant rig time savings and improved overall efficiency of the casing recovery operation.

The ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear and ProMAXX-Pipe Cuttercompliments WIS’s other innovative technologies within our Well Abandonment and Slot Recovery portfolio, such as the ProMILL Duo* Dual Casing Section Milling System, the ProLATCH* wellhead retrieval system and the ProMILL* trip saving milling and underreaming system.

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