Milling and Cutting Structures

Optimized Milling inserts

WIS offers optimized milling inserts technology to cover a wide range of milling and cutting applications. The inserts are engineered based on extensive lab analyses and field history to provide good cutter durability and wear resistance.

  • Section Milling
  • ProMILL and ProMILL Duo applications
  • Casing and Liner milling
  • Pipe cutting
  • General purpose milling

Cutting Edge Technology

Intended to be used across a broad range of milling and cutting applications, from section milling and casing milling, to cut and pull systems.

The TruEdge provides an innovative, cost-saving solution for Well Abandonment and Slot Recovery applications.

TruEdge is intended to be used across a broad range of milling and cutting applications, from section milling and casing milling, to cut and pull systems. This new technology has been successfully tested with several clients in the Eastern Hemisphere, specifically in the North Sea. The test results obtained have confirmed significant rig time savings and improved the overall efficiency of the milling process.

Document Downloads
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TruEdge News Release PRG
TruEdge News Release SPN
Well Abandonment Brochure

Cutting Structures

Millmaster (P5)

  • Millmaster (P5): Standard grade offering for all milling applications
  • WavEdgeTM: High-quality inserts with improved ROP
  • TruEdgeTM: Premium grade with improved ROP, high durability, and wear resistance.


Anchoring of section sets inside

Hydraulically actuated pulling section

Compatible with any mechanical engagement
tool for engaging the fish
for pulling

Hydraulic set-and-release anchor section

1,200,000-lbf pulling capacity

Not limited to workstring limitations

Used with conventional fishing jarring BHAs