ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter™

Efficient Casing Engagement, Cutting, And Recovery

The ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter is designed to cut both single and multiple strings of pipe. It operates hydraulically, using a ball drop and pump pressure to actuate the knife arms and is designed to allow full flow through the bore of the tool to the string below.

The flow-through feature of the ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter enables other operations such as cementing, cement plug dressing, or bridge plug setting before activating the pipe cutter. By combining multiple operations in a single trip, rig time and cost is reduced significantly. Operational time savings also result in considerable emissions reduction.

One-Trip Efficient Cut and Pull System

Designed to maximize efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce environmental impacts.

As the knives of the ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter are assembled with WIS propriety TruEdge insert-only knives, multiple cuts can be made in the same trip without needing a trip to recover to the surface. The ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter chassis is mounted with a full-gauge stabilizer, which helps improve cutting efficiency by providing stabilization very close to the cutter knives.

The knife return system has been integrated into the Pipe Cutter to allow for a mechanical means of preventing unwanted knife opening when tripping in and out of the hole.

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When combined with ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear, the system provides a one-trip solution for cutting, anchoring, and retrieving the casing without pulling to the surface to change tools.
  • Rapid and precise casing-cutting technology using our TruEdge cutting structure
  • Enhanced operational efficiency, reducing overall project timelines
  • Substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for multiple interventions
  • Compatibility with various casing sizes and materials
  • Improved safety standards for well abandonment operations
  • Unique annular flotel design providing a clear pressure indication of cut completion
  • Designed to cut a range of casing size of 9 5/8” and 13 3/8”


Efficient Casing Recovery



Reduces Downtime