ProMAXX™-Hydraulic Spear

Efficient Casing Engagement, Cutting, And Recovery

The ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear is designed to maximize efficiency and reduce trips in cut and pull operations. The spear is activated hydraulically and can be set within various casings sizes in a single trip. It engages the casing while allowing through rotation to enable cutting in tension. No mud motor is required below the spear.

One-Trip Efficient Cut and Pull System

Designed to maximize efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce emissions.

The ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear features an extended reach opening to catch a range of casings.  For example, the same size spear can catch from 9 5/8 inch to 10 3/4 inch casing. The ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear allows multiple engagements per run and may be disengaged and re-engaged numerous times as needed.

With through-bore access and a ball-drop activation mechanism, other operations, such as cementing, cement plug dressing, or bridge plug setting of a plug, can all be carried out before activating the ProMAXX- Hydraulic Spear.

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When combined with the ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter, the system provides a one-trip solution for cutting, anchoring, and retrieving the casing without pulling to the surface to change tools.
  • All-in-one functionality, reducing operational complexity
  • Significant reduction in non-productive time associated with tool changes
  • Enhanced safety for on-site personnel by minimizing interventions
  • Improved overall project economics through time savings and reduced resource utilization
  • Hydraulically set in a range of casings sizes, the slips are designed to provide maximum centralization and stability
  • The Spear allows the casing to be held in tension while rotating through the tool and cutting pipe


Extended Reach Opening

Multiple Engagements Per Run

Engage and Disengage multiple times

Hydraulic Activation