Geothermal Solutions – Technology Partners

Together WIS and Well-Sense offers FiberLine Intervention (FLI) tools and services globally for geothermal applications. FLI is a low-risk wellbore surveying solution that rapidly delivers high-quality insights. It is often employed in surveys where other options prove unsuitable due to well accessibility, location, cost, application challenges, data requirements, temperature or speed of response.

Wellbore Integrity Solutions in partnership with Gunnar Energy Services delivers high-end relative wellbore positioning services often required for closed-loop geothermal applications.

We provide customized fit-for-purpose magnetic ranging solutions for precise first-attempt wellbore intersections. Our team of technical experts has been at the forefront of ranging technology and application since its early stages. We have been involved in the first geothermal closed-loop construction in history and are now offering the new generation of the most robust ranging technology suitable for harsh geothermal drilling environments.




  • Bi-mill, tri-mill and quad-mill configurations
  • Customized cutting structures for all casing and formation types
  • Fabricated and integral mill designs


  • Unique multi-ramp profile offers rapid cut out and extended full gauge window
  • Integral retrieval slot for whipstock recovery when required
  • Configurations options for multi-lateral and flow by applications


  • Anti-rotation and high-axial-load slip design
  • Hydraulic and mechanical set actuation
  • High-pressure packer element option available
  • Large slip areas to reduce casing stress and provide more positive anchor set