Hydraulically Actuated Mill


The K-Master section mill is a hydraulic downhole tool ideal for milling casing to set rock-to-rock well abandonment cement plugs. The tool performs cut-out and milling in a single operation. K-Master is a simple yet robust design and able to achieve extended-length milling intervals with tungsten carbide dressed arms that provide maximum footage and high ROP.


  • Milling poorly cemented or corroded casing
  • Plug and abandonment operations requiring rock-to-rock isolation

Three cutter arms automatically expand into the milling position when the
K-Master mill cutout arms are fully open.

  • Economical milling, sidetracking, and single-string pipe cutting
  • Multiple cutter arms for optimal milling performance
  • Cutter position indicator
  • Integrated components

Document Downloads
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Section Mill Specification Sheet
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Well Abandonment Brochure

  • Single-trip milling when combined with high-ratio underreamer
  • High-performance ROP and hole cleaning during milling operations
  • Integration with Wellbore Integrity Solutions underreamer systems for virgin formation exposure
  • Engineered milling technology based on lab analyses comparing cutter performance with casing metallurgy
  • Optional titanium-based blade treatment for section milling of chrome alloy tubulars
Insert Options:
  • Millmaster (P5): Standard grade offering for all milling applications
  • WavEdge: High-quality inserts with improved ROP
  • TruEdge: Premium grade with improved ROP, high durability, and wear resistance


Multiple cutter arms for optimal milling performance

Single Trip rock-to-rock plug when combined with the high ratio underreamer

Optimize knives design for casing inside casing scenarios

Compatibility with bridge plugs to reduce trips