Open and Cased Hole Fishing

Knowledge, Experience, and Products for Well Intervention Operations

  • Fishing operational specialists
  • Network of workshop facilities to provide a rapid response
  • Comprehensive fleet of tools and supporting inventory

Primary Services Include:

  • Unplanned open hole BHA recovery
  • Planned workovers and re-completion
  • Casing repair
  • Packer Milling and Retrieval
  • Milling and debris removal
  • Stuck pipe remediation
  • Washover operations
  • On-site contingency equipment rental packages

In-Line Casing Spear

A robust tool designed for cutting and pulling of casing in a single trip.

Ideal for plug and abandonment and slot recovery operations.

Fishing Operational Specialists

  • Subject matter experts embedded in client locations
  • Experienced rig site personnel
  • In-house training and development
  • “Wisdom” knowledge management system

Network of Workshop Facilities to Provide a Rapid Response

  • Qualified tool maintenance technicians and procedures
  • Internal DRILCO proprietary inspection, machining, welding and hardfacing processes
  • API and ISO certified
Document Downloads
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Villavicencio Colombia Facility – SPN
Villavicencio_Colombia Facility
Bladed-Junk Mill
Bladed-junk mills are dressed with high-quality tungsten carbide to ensure optimal performance in every application.
Taper Mill
A cleanout solution for tubular. Taper Mills are designed specifically for milling through tight spots in tubulars.


Wellhead Seal Retrieval Running Tool

High Pressure double pack-off Assembly



CutMaster X3 Pipe Cutter