Reliable serving of single or multiple casing strings

WIS provides hydraulic Pipe Cutters, designed to cut Single and Multiple strings of casing. The Pipe Cutter works on the principle of Flow Restriction across an orifice while cutting at a given surface pressure for a given circulation rate.

There are different lengths of Knife Arms available, depending on the diameter of the casing cut to be made.

  • Internal cutting of single or multiple strings of casing
  • Well abandonment
  • Drillpipe cutting operations

Efficient and reliable removal of downhole casing strings.


The hydraulic pipe cutter reliably severs single or multiple strings of casing for well abandonment. Three heavy-duty cutter arms, dressed with crushed carbide, are capable of completing an interval cutout in a variety of casing weights and grades, conductor pipes, and marine risers.
The hydraulic pipe cutter is available in a range of sizes that cut 5-inch to 63-inch diameter pipe and is not dependent on the following pipe conditions:

  • concentric
  • eccentric
  • cemented
  • non-cemented

The Flo-Tel downhole mechanical position indicator displays a standpipe pressure indicator at the surface when the knives are opened
to their preset diameter. Knowing the tool’s disposition downhole eliminates the risk of accidentally pulling the tool before the string has been completely severed.

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  • More efficient operations by reliably severing single or multiple strings of casing in well abandonment operations
  • Eliminates risk of NPT from pulling tool before string is completely severed


Crushed carbide milling
structure provides cost-effective performance

Customized knives can be matched to a range of pipe diameters

Hydraulically actuated cutter arms ensure cutter opening

Flo-Tel* downhole mechanical position indication device to indicate cutter arm position