ProMILL Duo™ (Dual Casing Section Mill)

Effective solution for dual casing abandonment cement barriers

The ProMILL Duo provides an innovative, cost-saving solution for well abandonment applications, where the integrity of the abandonment zone requires the creation of a milled section in two casing sizes. Significant rig time savings are realized when using the ProMILL Duo in comparison to conventional solutions that require a long, inner string casing to be milled.

The high expansion ratio of the ProMILL Duo Section Mill allows it to drift through the inner casing in the retracted state and, upon actuation, open up to a larger diameter to mill the outer casing and the coupling.

Dual Casing Milling
System Solution

Providing a more
cost-effective method compared to conventional techniques.

The ProMILL Duo expansion mechanism is based on a proven spline-based actuation platform with a long history of durability and performance. Similarly, the cutting structure on the arms is dressed with WavEdge* ridged milling elements that have demonstrated performance in the ProMILL system.
The system also includes an active stabilization module that optimizes the dynamic behavior and reduces the vibration of the BHA during operation.

The enlargement of the borehole to enable a rock-to-rock barrier is accomplished by using the ProMILL Underreamer (PMUR). The PMUR provides a market-leading expansion ratio and is designed specifically for well-abandonment applications. It incorporates a robust cutter arm mechanism and the latest cutter technology to optimize performance.

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Well Abandonment Brochure
Effective solution for dual casing abandonment cement barriers.
The system includes both an extended reach section mill and a hydraulic stabilizer to provide an efficient milling system I’m dual casing abandonment applications.
The design allows the system to drift through a smaller casing ID restriction and upon activation, provides a high expansion ratio to section mill the outer casing.

  • As part of the comprehensive plug and abandonment systems portfolio, the ProMILL Duo greatly improves efficiency and reduces cost in a dual string application by eliminating the need to mill up the inner string from the surface or top of cement, when a section needs to be milled in the outer casing for setting a cement plug.
  • Multiple trips to mill up the inner casing are eliminated, due to the small drift of this tool and the high expansion ratio.
  • A High Ratio Underreamer can be run in the same trip as ProMILL Duo.


Anchoring of section sets inside

Hydraulically actuated pulling section

Compatible with any mechanical engagement
tool for engaging the fish
for pulling

Hydraulic set-and-release anchor section

1,200,000-lbf pulling capacity

Not limited to workstring limitations

Used with conventional fishing jarring BHAs