News Release – Wellbore Integrity Solutions Introduces ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear* and ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter*: One-Trip Efficient Cut and Pull System.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, September 27, 2023 (Global Newswire)– Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) is pleased to announce today the release of two new product offerings, the ProMAXX-Hydraulic Spear and ProMAXX-Pipe Cutter, which are designed to address the challenges of decommissioning aging wells to maximize efficiency, reliability, and reduce emissions.

CGX Energy Successfully Utilizes WIS TrackMaster Select in Guyana

CGX Energy Successfully Utilizes TrackMaster Select Whipstock for Open Hole Sidetrack in Guyana Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) and CGX Energy’s collaborative efforts allowed setting a 121/4 inch one-trip TrackMaster Open Hole (OH)Whipstock System to restore drilling operations effectively. Results: *Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

ProMILL Duo* Breaking Records in the North Sea.

A plug and abandonment (P&A) operation utilizing the 7-inch x 9 5/8 inch ProMILL Duo System achieved a new record by successfully milling over 200 ft of 9 5/8 inch casing. Results: *Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.

Fiber Optic Logging in a European Geothermal Well.

Following a well stimulation operation, FiberLine Intervention (FLI) technology from Well-SENSE was used successfully to provide a detailed temperature profile and seismic calibration data. Results: • The tool was deployed into the well beyond 4000 m (13123 ft) depth within 30 minutes. • The distributed temperature profile was obtained instantly. • The maximum temperature recorded … Read more

Multi-Lateral Geothermal Sidetrack Success Continues in the Philippines.

A step change in total meterage milled, and a ROP improvement of 182% compared to offset data was achieved. The operational rig time was reduced by 9½ days. Results: • Accomplished sidetrack successfully in a hard rock formation. • The TrackMaster Select System was retrieved after drilling operations to enable multi-lateral production. • Customer satisfaction … Read more

NEWS UPDATE – WIS acquires a Regional Headquarters license and Commercial Registration in Eastern Province of the Kingdom.

NEWS UPDATE HOUSTON, TEXAS, May 11, 2023 – Wellbore Integrity Solutions is pleased to announce that with the help of the Ministry of Investment (MISA), WIS is one of the first companies to acquire the Regional Headquarters (RHQ) license and Commercial Registration (CR) in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. This milestone was achieved several months … Read more

An Outstanding Fishing Performance Completed for Hibiscus Malaysia Limited

Successful retrieval of a parted 4.5-inch liner hanger running tool in a deep horizontal well on the first attempt. Results: • Successfully retrieved fish on the first attempt enabling the customer to continue with the planned completion with minimal delays. • Ran the completion string on the subsequent run in the hole with no noticeable … Read more

A Successful, Horizontal Well Fishing Operation Ensures Drilling Continuity In Southeast Brazil.

Experienced Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) personnel made the difference when recovering debris in the horizontal section of a well. Results: • A rapid response mobilization of equipment and personnel to the rig site was conducted efficiently. • In the fishing operation, all debris was successfully recovered at the first attempt. • The customer recognized the … Read more