Thru Tubing (TT) Services

What is Thru-Tubing Fishing and Milling?

Removal of obstructions that prevent accessing the wellbore

Nipple profile
Ball / flapper valve
Permanent bridge plug
Cement plug
Retrievable BP, packer, gauge hanger
LIH string (CT, slick line or wire line)
Parted coil, slick line or e-line wire
Fallen object in the well

Thru-Tubing Double-Acting Accelerator

  • Compression chamber stores tool energy and reduces tool length
  • Large bore accommodates drop balls and equipment below the tool
  • Temperature rating: 260 degC
  • [500 degF]
  • Seal rating: 137,000 kPa [20,000] psi
  • Circulation system rating:
  • 68,900 kPa [10,000 psi]



  • Mill obstruction
  • Wash over / burn over
  • Mill out a window
  • Venturi milling and clean out
  • Reaming a nipple profile
  • Under reaming
  • Tubing cutting


  • External fish neck
  • Internal fish neck
  • Slick line or wire line
  • Parted coiled tubing
  • Fishing loose items
  • Shifting SSD

Assessment and Conditioning

  • Dummy run
  • High-pressure jetting cleanout
  • Correlation Run  
  • LIB run
Document Downloads
5-1/2 inch TrackMaster Select with TT Anchor Product Sheet
Red Baron Solutions Brochure
5-1/2 in. TrackMaster Select Thru-Tubing Product Sheet
Red Baron Catalog
Thru Tubing_N Africa_MENA Performance Bulletin
Thru-Tubing Turbodrill_w Turbomill Factsheet
Thru-Tubing Turbodrill Factsheet
i-MILL TT Intervention Mill
with box connection (left) and pin connection (right).
TT Turbomill
This mill is specifically designed for coiled tubing cleanouts.
Hydraulic Overshot Profile Catch
Various sizes available dependent upon the profile.
Hydraulic Variable Overshot
Capable of catching slick OD’s.
Various sizes available.

Main BHA Elements

CT Connector

Motor Head Assembly (MHA)


Knuckle Joint

Weight Bars

Jetting Nozzles

High Pressure Washing Tool

MHA Retrieving Tool