ProMILL™ Milling And Underreaming System

Effective foundation for an abandonment cement barrier

The industry-unique ProMILL system enables consistent savings during P&A operations by delivering in a single run what has typically taken four trips to accomplish.

The ProMILL system combines a bridge plug assembly, a section mill, and a high ratio underreamer to prepare the foundation for an abandonment cement barrier in a single run. During the run, it eradicates all leak paths from the abandonment barrier while achieving rock-to-rock zonal isolation.

Single Trip to Mill and Underream

Save rig time, improve ROP, and ensure plug integrity for confident P&A decisions.

All ProMILL system cutter arms are dressed with WavEdge* ridged milling elements that, along with the multiblade design, provides high ROP and maximizes footage. This unique milling element, designed with a concave pattern and narrow leading edge, has improved durability, stabilization, and results in superior hole cleaning and swarf quality.

The high-ratio underreamer features ball-drop activation, which ensures that the reamer remains inert during the entire milling operation. The section is underreamed and the operator achieves the target access, completing the operation.

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Well Abandonment Brochure
The system incorporates a bridge plug running kit that enables a mechanical plug to be set without prematurely activating the section mill or underreamer.

  • Enlarges wellbore sections beyond the original drilled hole size
  • Single trip BHA that can simultaneously mill a section and underreamed in a single run
  • Remains dormant during section milling operations with ball-drop activation when required
  • PDC cutter arms capable of underreaming variable formations
  • As part of the ProMILL* system, the ProMILL Underreamer reduces rig time by eliminating additional trips to underream after completing a section milled window


Anchoring of section sets inside

Hydraulically actuated pulling section

Compatible with any mechanical engagement
tool for engaging the fish
for pulling

Hydraulic set-and-release anchor section

1,200,000-lbf pulling capacity

Not limited to workstring limitations

Used with conventional fishing jarring BHAs