Sustained Casing Pressure Remediation Solutions

SCP Remediation Solutions

Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP), exhibited in many wells, is defined as measurable casing pressure in any well annulus that rebuilds after being bled down, attributable to causes other than artificially applied pressures or temperature fluctuations in the well.

Sustained casing pressure in any well means that well integrity has been compromised. The effective remediation of SCP is a recognized industry challenge that requires practical and reliable solutions.

Wellbore Integrity Solutions’ Red Baron product line and our technology partners offer comprehensive solutions to remediate Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) in the wellbore. Our technologies, when combined, can provide a single solution for this known industry challenge.

From concept studies to completion of your geothermal well, Wellbore Integrity Solutions draws on more than 50 years of geothermal experience, reliable equipment, and specialized technologies to safely and efficiently tap into this clean, renewable energy source.

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