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Continue to check back as we seek to further our industry position by forming strategic alliances and/or partnerships to fulfill our customer’s needs.

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Our holistic suite of products and services

  • Red Baron
    • Fishing & Remedial
    • Wellbore Intervention
      • Well Abandonment and Slot Recovery
        • Wellbore Cleanout Tools
          • Thru-Tubing (TT) Services
            • Fiberline Intervention Tools and Services
          • DRILCO – Inspection and Tubular Support
            • Hevi-Wate transition drill pipe
            • Comprehensive selection of tubulars and subs
            • In-plant and field inspection, maintenance and cleaning
          • Thomas Tools – Oilfield Tool and Tubular Rentals
            • Extensive selection of oilfield rental tools, tubulars, surface equipment
            • AccuTorque™ drill string makeup, torque control and monitoring system
          • Consulting Services
            • Focused on reducing the risk profile of a wellbore
            • Ties all our services together
          • Geothermal Solutions
            • Sidetracking
            • Wellbore Cleanout
            • Tubular Options
            • Wellbore Surveying
            • Magnetic Ranging
            • Multi-lateral Drilling

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