A Major Alaska Operator Succeeds with 7-inch TrackMaster* Select Whipstock System in Challenging Lateral Section and Limited Setting Depth

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) successfully executed the CH sidetrack application at 20,016 ft into the lateral, traveling 19,600 ft passed KOP and setting between perforations, outperforming alternative solutions.

Enhanced re-entry drilling efficiency on the north slope through
definite single-trip sidetracking operations in the lateral section.


• The 7 inch Whipstock System was tripped into the hole, oriented to the desired trajectory, and successfully set in the lateral section between perforations. 
• The Fastrack Tri-Mill was detached from the Whipstock and milled the window, providing a 20-foot rathole in a single trip.
• Flawless planning and execution demonstrated TrackMaster Systems’ capability to redefine Alaska’s market boundaries by achieving exits where others lacked the ability to execute.

*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.