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NEWS UPDATE – WIS acquires a Regional Headquarters license and Commercial Registration in Eastern Province of the Kingdom.

NEWS UPDATE HOUSTON, TEXAS, May 11, 2023 – Wellbore Integrity Solutions is pleased to announce that with the help of the Ministry of Investment (MISA), WIS is one of the first companies to acquire the Regional Headquarters (RHQ) license and Commercial Registration (CR) in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom. This milestone was achieved several months … Read more

An Outstanding Fishing Performance Completed for Hibiscus Malaysia Limited

Successful retrieval of a parted 4.5-inch liner hanger running tool in a deep horizontal well on the first attempt. Results: • Successfully retrieved fish on the first attempt enabling the customer to continue with the planned completion with minimal delays. • Ran the completion string on the subsequent run in the hole with no noticeable … Read more

A Successful, Horizontal Well Fishing Operation Ensures Drilling Continuity In Southeast Brazil.

Experienced Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) personnel made the difference when recovering debris in the horizontal section of a well. Results: • A rapid response mobilization of equipment and personnel to the rig site was conducted efficiently. • In the fishing operation, all debris was successfully recovered at the first attempt. • The customer recognized the … Read more

A Dual Casing Exit Success in Indonesia Using the TrackMaster* Select

Superior performance was achieved using the TrackMaster Select System with an Integral Tri-Mill. Results: • Successful single trip 9 5/8 inch x 13 3/8 inch dual casing exit • Completed the dual casing exit in one run at controlled ROP and in minimal time (16.5 hours) • Subsequent directional drilling Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHA) passed … Read more

TrackMaster* Select System Enables Reservoir Access in an Extended Reach, High Angle Well

Wellbore Integrity Solutions’ (WIS) Red Baron experts completed the milling of a full-gauge window on an Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) well. Results: • A high-quality window was created in the horizontal section • Zero hours of non-productive time (NPT) reported • Subsequent BHA passed the window with no drag *Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.   … Read more

First TrackMaster* Select Whipstock Set Offshore in Azerbaijan

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) delivered a full-gauge window in a challenging environment. Results: • Successfully completed full-gauge dual casing window and drilled 5 m of rathole • Subsequent drilling BHA passed the window and reached total depth with no issues • Zero NPT • The customer was very satisfied with the job performance *Mark of … Read more

Creative Fishing Restores Well Production in Kazakhstan

Wellbore Integrity Solutions’ (WIS) Red Baron fishing and remedial services successfully completed a complex workover in a valuable, producing well.  Results: • Retrieved 450m of ESP cable with a modified rope spear • Retrieved 350m of ESP cable with a custom designed and manufactured Junk Basket • Retrieved 84 joints of production tubing with the … Read more

TruEdge™ Technology in Action. A Unique Challenge in Qatar.

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) TruEdge* technology from our Red Baron product line demonstrated superior performance in cutting and milling a Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) liner in Qatar. TruEdge technology enables line recovery and a subsequent successful sidetrack. Results: An industry-first application for both section milling and cutting the liner Section Milling – The TruEdge™ inserts on the 5500 ProMILL … Read more