• The ProMILL* trip-saving milling and underreaming system combines a bridge plug assembly, section mill, and high-ratio underreamer in one single-trip solution, achieving rock-to-rock zonal isolation and preparing the foundation for an abandonment cement barrier.
  • Performing operations in the same trip not only saves rig time but ensures a more predictable performance.
  • Compared with perf-and-squeeze methods, the ProMILL system eradicates all potential leak paths including channeling, microannuli, and mudcake from the abandonment barrier, enhancing annular remediation


Case Study –

Integrated Well Abandonment System Eliminates Trips and Saves More Than 24 Hours per Well Challenge
  • Mill a window in 9 5/8-in casing and underream open hole to enable rock-to-rock barrier placement in a single trip P&A operation.
  • Use ProMILL system to complete operations in a single trip.
  • Milled and underreamed a 85-ft window at MD of 9,000 ft with a single assembly.
  • Repeated operation on three wells.
  • Saved more than 24 hours per well.