• Openhole sidetracking with isolation of the pilot hole in medium to hard formations
  • Accurately controlling kickoff depth and direction
  • Landing laterals with tight TVD tolerances
  • Maximizing recovery with a horizontal lateral
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  • Maximizes the chance of achieving a successful sidetrack on the first attempt
  • Maximizes reservoir recovery with optimized horizontal lateral
  • Eliminates time waiting for cement to cure
  • Saves rig time by reducing interval drilling time
  • Improves drilling efficiency by providing accurate control for precise kickoff depth and direction


  • Bit-friendly ramp that lowers bending stresses
  • Elimination of packers for faster run-in speed
  • Hydraulically set expandable anchor with triaxial steel slips that span multiple hole sizes and accurately set whipstock depth
  • Large ID for higher rate of pumping
  • Anchor design to allow flow around the anchor and protection from the bullheading cement
  • Collet retention to enable running extended lengths of tailpipe below the whipstock for selective cement plug placement
  • Torque transmission through running tool–whipstock interface