CGX Energy Successfully Utilizes WIS TrackMaster Select in Guyana

CGX Energy Successfully Utilizes TrackMaster Select Whipstock for Open Hole Sidetrack in Guyana

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) and CGX Energy’s collaborative efforts allowed setting a 121/4 inch one-trip TrackMaster Open Hole (OH)Whipstock System to restore drilling operations effectively.


• Deployed and oriented the Whipstock with MWD in a high temperature well and set it in the 12 1/4-inch hole section at a depth of 18,771 ft.
• Milled a 25 ft window and 4 ft of rathole in 10 hrs and in a single trip.
• A successful open hole sidetrack was completed, allowing CGX Energy to continue drilling operations to the desired target depth.

*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.