Major Permian Operator Successfully Executes 3-Well Sidetracking Program with 7-inch TrackMaster* Select Whipstocks in Challenging Formations

Unrivaled experience and engineering support from the Wellbore Integrity
Solutions (WIS) team results in a successful one-trip sidetracking operation.

On a 3-well program for a Major Permian Basin Operator, WIS expertly planned and executed a sidetracking exit point from 7-inch 29# TN 110S grade casing into a challenging hard formation.


• Successfully completed window in a single-trip with 6-1/8 inch Bi-Mill for all 3 wells in this sidetracking program through TN 110S grade casing. 
• Bi-Mill was within acceptable gauge criteria, despite the open hole formation characteristics with high compressive strength.  
• Provided a high-quality window for pass through of subsequent directional BHA and production string.   

*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.