Major Permian Basin Operator achieved a Record-Setting Lateral Sidetracking Operation Using the TrackMaster* Select-OH Whipstock System

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) successfully planned and executed a 6-3/4 inch open hole sidetrack located at 9,750 ft in the lateral section with TrackMaster Select Whipstock setting depth at 18,675 ft measured depth (MD) in the Permian Basin.

A prominent operator in the Permian Basin collaborated with the WIS Red Baron wellbore departure team for an expert solution to sidetrack in a 6-3/4 inch lateral with the top of fish located at 20,759 ft MD.


• Delivered a new record with the deepest open hole lateral sidetrack using a whipstock around an irretrievable fish in the wellbore.
• Preserved over 9,725 ft of lateral sidetracking, eliminating extra time and expenditures for a re-drill.
• Achieved wellbore departure objectives by delivering an 11 ft window plus 10 ft of rat hole.
• Optimized mill cutting structure to match OH formation characteristics. 
• Reliable sidetracking method with a known kickoff point reduced risk and uncertainly of alternative sidetracking methods.

*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.