Wellbore Integrity Solutions Introduces ProMILL Duo, Dual Casing Section Milling System

HOUSTON – November 12, 2020 – Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) announced today the release of the ProMILL Duo, Dual Section Milling System. The ProMILL Duo provides an innovative, cost-saving solution for Well Abandonment applications, where the integrity of the abandonment zone requires the efficient creation of a milled section in two casing sizes.

“As the industry continues to focus on the integrity and efficiency of its well abandonment processes, the ProMILL Duo provides a key solution for a recognized technology gap,” said David MacNeill, President and CEO, Wellbore Integrity Solutions. “The performance of the system has been outstanding and further strengthens the technology portfolio that we can offer to our clients globally.”

The ProMILL Duo System includes both a hydraulically activated, extended reach section mill coupled to an active stabilization module, that optimizes dynamic behavior during the milling process. The extended reach section mill is equipped with WIS’ proprietary WavEdge* cutting structure to provide milling longevity and durability.

The system has been successfully tested with several clients, in a variety of applications, across the globe, including the North Sea, the Middle East, and S.E Asia. The test results obtained have confirmed significant rig time savings and improved the overall efficiency of the section milling process.

The ProMILL Duo complements other innovative technologies in the WIS Well Abandonment portfolio such as the ProCISE* casing cutting and recovery system, the ProLATCH* wellhead retrieval system, and the ProMILL* trip saving milling and underreaming system.

For more information about the ProMILL Duo, visit www.wellboreintegrity.com/promill-duo.


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