A Dual Casing Exit Success in Indonesia Using the TrackMaster* Select

Superior performance was achieved using the TrackMaster Select System with an Integral Tri-Mill. Results: • Successful single trip 9 5/8 inch x 13 3/8 inch dual casing exit • Completed the dual casing exit in one run at controlled ROP and in minimal time (16.5 hours) • Subsequent directional drilling Bottom Hole Assemblies (BHA) passed … Read more

TrackMaster* Select System Enables Reservoir Access in an Extended Reach, High Angle Well

Wellbore Integrity Solutions’ (WIS) Red Baron experts completed the milling of a full-gauge window on an Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) well. Results: • A high-quality window was created in the horizontal section • Zero hours of non-productive time (NPT) reported • Subsequent BHA passed the window with no drag *Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.   … Read more

First TrackMaster* Select Whipstock Set Offshore in Azerbaijan

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) delivered a full-gauge window in a challenging environment. Results: • Successfully completed full-gauge dual casing window and drilled 5 m of rathole • Subsequent drilling BHA passed the window and reached total depth with no issues • Zero NPT • The customer was very satisfied with the job performance *Mark of … Read more

Creative Fishing Restores Well Production in Kazakhstan

Wellbore Integrity Solutions’ (WIS) Red Baron fishing and remedial services successfully completed a complex workover in a valuable, producing well.  Results: • Retrieved 450m of ESP cable with a modified rope spear • Retrieved 350m of ESP cable with a custom designed and manufactured Junk Basket • Retrieved 84 joints of production tubing with the … Read more

TruEdge™ Technology in Action. A Unique Challenge in Qatar.

Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) TruEdge* technology from our Red Baron product line demonstrated superior performance in cutting and milling a Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) liner in Qatar. TruEdge technology enables line recovery and a subsequent successful sidetrack. Results: An industry-first application for both section milling and cutting the liner Section Milling – The TruEdge™ inserts on the 5500 ProMILL … Read more

The ProLATCH* Subsea P&A System Delivers Superior Performance, Offshore Japan.

The ProLATCH* System plays an integral part of a successful P&A program. A successful campaign utilizing the Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) Pipe Cutter and ProLATCH* System delivered cutting efficiency and time savings for the customer. Results: – The 9 5/8 inch 53.5ppf and 13 3/8 inch 68ppf casings were cut in a record time of … Read more

An Optimized High Angle Casing Exit Success in Qatar.

The use of the TrackMaster* Select System with Heli-Mag* high-capacity string magnets combined to deliver a successful solution in a challenging sidetrack application. A Sidetrack Solution with Effective Debris Management Results: The sidetrack objective was achieved in one run.Effective debris management was demonstrated: – > 90% metal cuttings recovery rate – Large pieces of corroded … Read more

Continued Sidetracking Success in Geothermal Operations Using the TrackMaster* Select System.

The TrackMaster Select, configured for Geothermal Operations, successfully completed a 13 3/8 casing exit in a single trip. After the conclusion of drilling operations, the system was retrieved to enable multilateral production. A system ideally suited to Geothermal Operations. Results: – Successful 1-trip sidetrack. – System operation not impacted by fluid loss environment. – A … Read more

Custom Well Interception Mills Achieve Success in Brazil.

Interception Mills, developed and manufactured by Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) in Brazil, exceed performance expectations in a five-well interception campaign. Solution for Complex Wellbore Interception Campaign Results: – Seven high-quality, full-length windows were opened. – The average milling ROP was 30% higher than expected by the customer. – Excellent durability and low shock and vibrations … Read more