• The ProLATCH wellhead retrieval system recovers the surface casing and wellhead in a single trip
  • The system comprises wellhead latch system and multistring pipe cutter. It can handle any combination of casing and wellhead types
  • Ideal for offshore operation as it allows overpull to assist with tension cutting operation
  • Available in both Rotary and Motorized Systems


  • Custom latching segments for specific wellhead profiles
  • Robust Pipe Cutter design to severe single or dual casing conductors
  • Retrieves the wellhead and casing section together or just the casing section

Case Study -

Wellhead Retrieval System Saves US$600,000 in P&A Operation Offshore Western Australia Challenge
  • Recover wellhead and casing strings in deepwater plug and abandonment operation
  • Use ProLATCH-N system to retrieve the wellhead and casing string together and to simplify the abandonment operation
  • Severed the casing strings below the mudline
  • Successfully recovered the wellhead
  • Saved 12.5 hours of operational time valued at $600,000 USD