ProLATCH-N* provided 51% time savings to cut and pull 20 inch, 36 inch casings and wellhead

Use of ProLATCH-N* Well Abandonment System, Offshore Western Australia, Results in Significant Time Savings to Cut and Pull 20 inch, 36 inch Casings and Wellhead.

The successful use of the ProLATCH-N well abandonment system resulted in a 51% reduction in operational cutting time when compared to direct offset wells.


  • Both casings were successfully cut and the wellhead recovered in a single trip.
  • The cutting time of 2 hours 12 minutes represented an average time saving of 51% when compared to direct offset wells of similar configuration and water depth.
  • A smooth and efficient cut was noted during the abandonment process.
  • No spills or HSE incidents.

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*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.