ProMILL Duo™ (Dual Casing Section Mill)

  • ProMill 2 - Wellbore IntegrityThe ProMILL Duo system provides an economical and safe solution to Plug and Abandon a well in dual casing string scenario
  • ProMILL Duo improves Section Milling efficiency significantly by eliminating the expensive operation of milling the entire inner string from the surface
  • The tool drifts through the inner casing, and has high expansion ratio needed to mill the outer casing string exposing the formation and thus providing a rock to rock barrier permanent barrier
  • Potentially saving of days to weeks of milling time, including the benefits of fewer trips and less swarf at surface
  • The ProMILL Duo Section Mill is incorporated with WavEdge cutting structure to improve durability and stabilization, resulting in high-quality milling performance.