TrackMaster Elite* sets the benchmark in sidetracking precision at an offshore well in Qatar

Wellbore Integrity Solutions, Qatar in collaboration with the client successfully sidetracked the 9 5/8 inch 40 ppf L-80 casing in the lateral hole section.

The TrackMaster Elite extended window whipstock system milled 22.125 ft of window which is 40% more than a standard window and drilled the rat hole as per operator requirements. This enabled the client to avoid multiple trips to elongate the window. 3D window profiling was achieved by the Whipsim analysis model.


  • The 9 5⁄8 in. 40 ppf L-80 casing was sidetracked in one run.
  • The quad-mill assembly was within an acceptable gauge with the lead mill 3⁄16 in., follow mill 3⁄16 in., dress mill 1⁄8 in., and elite watermelon mill in gauge.
  • Directional assembly passed the window without any obstructions.
  • The horizontal section BHA drilled to
  • TD at 22,000 ft without any torque limitations thus achieving the objective of the well design.

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*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.