TrackMaster Select System Saves 36 Hours of Rig Time in Mexico

Use of TrackMaster Select* System Saves 36 Hours of Rig Time in a Challenging Application in Mexico.

An outstanding one-trip performance using the Trackmaster Select system delivers a successful deep sidetrack in a 9 7⁄8 inch high strength casing.


  • Successfully completed a window in 9 7⁄8 in. 62.8 ppf TAC-140 casing in one trip.
  • 36 hours of rig time was saved.
  • The integral tri-mill was within acceptable gauge diameter criteria after the run, assuring a high-quality window.
  • Subsequent directional drilling assemblies passed freely through window to continue drilling the 8 1⁄2 in. section to TD.

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*Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.