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Operational Performance and Reliability in Ecuador

Spotlight on Ecuador — Operational Performance and Reliability. 14 consecutive cased hole sidetracks completed flawlessly with the TrackMaster Select* system and experienced local Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) personnel. Results: *Mark of Wellbore Integrity Solutions.    

Advanced Dual Casing Exit Success, Offshore India

An Advanced Dual Casing Exit Success, Offshore India. The TrackMaster Select* system was used to create a 13 3/8 x 20 inch dual casing exit successfully in a single trip. RESULTS: A successful dual casing sidetrack was completed in a single trip using a 13 3/8 inch TrackMaster Select whipstock system. The system was set … Read more

TruEdge* Delivers in a Subsea Abandonment Application

TruEdge* Technology Delivers Outstanding Results in a Subsea Abandonment Application. The use of TruEdge technology reduced rig time and cost in a Subsea wellhead cutting and retrieval operation in the North Sea. RESULTS: The 20 in. x 35 in. conductor/ casing was successfully cut and the MS700 Wellhead was retrieved in 1 trip. A total … Read more

News Release – Wellbore Integrity Solutions Announces the Restoration of the Red Baron Brand Name

HOUSTON, August 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wellbore Integrity Solutions (WIS) today announced that it is bringing back the Red Baron brand name for its Fishing and Remedial product line. The Red Baron brand name has a strong reputation for knowledge, performance, quality, and a responsive commitment to customers. The reintroduction of Red Baron reflects the … Read more

An Ultra Deep, Open Hole Sidetrack Success, Offshore Brazil

An Ultra Deep, Open Hole Sidetrack Success, Offshore Brazil. A challenging, unplanned open hole sidetrack was completed in an offshore exploration well using the TrackMaster Select* System. Results: The open sidetrack was conducted with one less trip than planned, saving significant time and rig cost for the customer. The well objectives were subsequently completed. Minimal … Read more

Successful Gator Perforator Performance – Gulf of Thailand Well Abandonment Campaign

Successful Gator Perforator Performance for Gulf of Thailand Well Abandonment Campaign. Lee Energy System’s Gator Mechanical Perforator was successfully introduced and used in six wells to remediate sustained casing annulus pressure during an active plug and abandonment campaign. Results: Six wells were completed successfully with no NPT incurred. A High volume of SBM was observed … Read more