Sustained Casing Solutions – Alternative Barrier Materials

Alternative barrier materials such as metals and resins have gained significant market acceptance. They offer high-quality sealing materials for extreme applications, such as in oil and gas wells.

Through our technology partners, we are able to offer these alternative barriers. These high-quality barriers complete the SCP remediation process, sealing off the source of the pressure.

With short, targeted window lengths, we are able to reduce the volumes of these materials required and significantly reduce the costs of the remediation. (Figure 2)

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Figure 2. Barrier in place and wellbore access re-established.



  • Bi-mill, tri-mill and quad-mill configurations
  • Customized cutting structures for all casing and formation types
  • Fabricated and integral mill designs


  • Unique multi-ramp profile offers rapid cut out and extended full gauge window
  • Integral retrieval slot for whipstock recovery when required
  • Configurations options for multi-lateral and flow by applications


  • Anti-rotation and high-axial-load slip design
  • Hydraulic and mechanical set actuation
  • High-pressure packer element option available
  • Large slip areas to reduce casing stress and provide more positive anchor set