ProCISE™ Casing Cutting and Recovery System

  • The ProCISE is a One Trip casing cutting and pulling system. In one operation, the system sever casing, provides efficient circulation, and engaged casing for removal
  • Completes multiple cuts in a single trip with the Multicycle Pipe cutter, avoiding extra rig time in applications where multiple casing cuts may be required
  • Retrieves casing and wellhead seal assembly or wear bushing in one trip


  • Wellhead Seal Retrieval Running Tool
  • High Pressure double pack-off Assembly (10,000 psi)
  • Spear
  • PDM
  • CutMaster X3 Pipe Cutter

Case Study –

Unique single trip, cut, circulate and pull service saves two trips on deepwater Gulf of Mexico slot recovery


  • Reduce time and costs on a deepwater, slot recovery operation in the Gulf of Mexico


  • Run ProCISE system comprising multiple technologies designed to perform the P&A operation in a single run.


  • Retrieved wellhead seals without additional trip
  • Cut casing free and circulated out trapped gas and packed annular solids in a single trip with established well control
  • Maximized casing recovery to ensure sidetrack depth in accordance with objectives